June 6, 2010

Mexican Pizza

I had some ground beef to use, and was planning to make tacos, until I had the bright idea to try and make a Mexican pizza for the first time! This was so simple and there are a couple different ways you can make this. For example, if you want a bigger meal if you are really hungry, you can place another tortilla on top of the beef and put all the toppings on the top. I must warn you- this is how I made my first pizza, and could only eat half of it! I am going to show you how to make a 1- layered pizza. Hope you enjoy!

May 19, 2010

Chicken & Chorizo Stuffed Peppers

I had some lonely chicken breasts sitting in my refrigerator and I didn't know what to make with it.  While browsing the produce section in the grocery store, I came upon the colorful bell pepper section, and I came up with an idea. A southwestern style stuffed bell pepper! The end result of my dish was a colorful and tasty dish that is sure to please!

May 17, 2010

French Onion Soup

French onion soup is my favorite soup, and the cheese is by far my favorite part- with that being said, the Gruyere cheese is, in my opinion, the most important ingredient in this recipe. I would not substitute this cheese for any other kind. It is a great cheese for baking and the flavor is savory without overpowering the other ingredients. 

April 28, 2010

Handcrafted Earrings

Hello everyone! I wanted to let you know of a great website for handcrafted earrings! The company is called JCEarrings, and all the handcrafted pieces of Jody Coyote jewelry are beautiful. Check it out! http://www.JCEarrings.com/handcrafted-earrings.html

Ps. When you buy a piece of jewlery, a portion of your online purchase goes to the Nine Lives Foundation. NLF rescues cats and kittens from Death Row at shelters all over Northern California and finds them forever homes!!

April 19, 2010

Chopped Salad

I'm not a huge fan of salads made at home. I had not been able to find a dressing that I like, and salads always seem to be so boring when made at home.... until now. This chopped salad includes a lot of fresh produce ingredients, and there are so many flavors, colors and textures that your taste buds will be left wanting more!

April 5, 2010

My Favorite! Spaghetti Bolognese

This is one of my all-time favorite dinners growing up! This is an original recipe straight from my moms kitchen, and everyone who tries it- LOVES IT! I will never grow tired of this dinner, and you won't either- I promise.

April 3, 2010

Chicken Parmesan

4 Boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 egg, slightly beaten
1/3 cup dry bread crumbs
1 jar Pasta Sauce
Shredded Mozzarella cheese